There in you find part of the Ti in your Karate with that very hand position.

What differs between the Ti and the Karate/Kempo is application and the underlying body dynamics.

Yes it is Side forward Kamae, one fist is behind the other, but in Mefutode, the rear fist is at the elbow. Both hands are often used at same time.

Your quote:
'In karate terms what this means is that our front 'strong' arm deals with the initial engagement and the deadly gyakute or reverse hand follows.............'

Choku Motobu stated that the approach you mentioned, if you mean that the rear hand relied upon for the Gyaku Zuki, leads to front hand becoming what he called shite or 'a dead hand'.

He also emphasised that 'in the case of an actual fight both hands should be used together. The lead hand should be capable of defence and offense and the rear hand used only when the front hand cannot accomplish the intended outcome' (Motobu 1932 Transl McCarthy 2002:83).


Chris Norman

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