Outside of the vein of conversation but on the topic. Paintballing is a sport, SWAT CQB (Close Quarters Combat) is a martial art (according to Musashi Miyamoto). Would you rather put firearms in the hands of a really good paintball player for a hostage rescue or a really good SWAT officer who routinely practices CQB with live rounds? Both individuals have a much better chance of success than Joe walking down the road but the SWAT officer will have the advantage.

Hello everyone, first message..don't usually "actively participate" in forums....but....this struck me as an odd comparison primarily because the effectiveness of SWAT CQB, SWAT team entry, hostage rescue, etc (something I have some experience with) got markedly improved and the training much more "realistic" when the team/man began training with....you guessed it "paintball". Now most use air soft or rubber bullets or similar, but you get the idea. Actually firing rounds that either hit or missed...and just as important, taking rounds, that hit or miss jumped the effectiveness of the teams drastically.

Now, I don't entirely disagree with Joss's points. I have only seen 1 or 2, but watch a fight where kicking to the groin is allowed and it is absolutely comical. I dont have to tell you what the #1 defensive priority was! Almost to the exclusion of all else.
I am not a huge bjj fan, I have trained it for several months and while I find it "necessary" I dont particularly enjoy it. I can say, however, that unless you train with, I believe the term was "aliveness", you are counting on a lot of things that probably won't happen. Poking someone in the eyes isn't exactly easy..if you are close enough to hit their trachea, they are close enough to tackle you, etc. I think arts like judo, boxing, bjj, and similar are absolutely necessary if you think you might actually need to defend yourself in a physical (unarmed) altercation, with someone who has any fighting skill at all.