Alright here is my advice to you.
You cant train to be a muay thai with weights. Doing weights is simply to get stronger, witch is important beacause in this combat sport you basically use every muscle eventually in the match. So you shouldn't really just target certain muscles like always do push ups constantly. Get a all around good strong body legs arms etc by training every muscle.

If you want exercises to get a more powerfull kick lets say. Well to learn to kick you need to kick over and over. If you want to train for muay thai you need to do muay thai, constantly. Get a heavy bag speed bag refelx bag slip bag even! Get them boxing gloves on and jab, right,hook, round house, clintch, knee the bag etc. Do them with the best technique possible and as explosive as you can. THEN lets get some sparring and some pad work in to get acutal muay thai experience... you will improve waaaay faster, trust me .

I also recomend doing plyometrics idealy targeting spinning of the torso, arms, legs/feet to develope your speed strenght to add to the tranining that you get maximum streght.

and YEAH its all about technique, ALWAYS practice propper technique to develope muscle memory doing,so you do the right thing every time you strike. awlays KO POWER

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