I totally agree with you regards TKD; I studied Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan and know this is Korean Shotokan, apart from Hyungs with Chinese Influence.

I feel that anything that is given its ‘SPORTS’ label is watered down.

Muay Boran became Muay Thai which became Western Style Muay Thai

Judo lost many of its techniques through becoming a 'Sport'

Karate has become Freestyle and Sport Karate - Kata to music, yeah right and I suppose Bunkai is practiced for the techniques too.

TKD has lost its edge. Olympic TKD is nothing like Traditional TKD. How many MA's would stand in a street confrontation with their arms dangling by their waist going bounce bounce bounce kick, bounce bounce kick etc. This is not TKD.

Anyway I watched the Pancraytion episode last Night in the UK, I think its repeated tonight.

I was actually impressed with Bill Duff. And I am glad he fought, Jason Chambers needs to be humbled.

From what I saw, I actually didn't see much difference, apart from the rules, between Pankraytion and Krav Maga or Systema etc.

Excellent Martial Art though. I wonder where the Instructors trained prior to Pancraytion.

I saw one Gym with Tang Soo Do and Kickboxing symbols around it and the instructor had the Tang Soo Do symbol tattooed on his left arm.

Next week the UK gets to see the Judo Episode
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