As we know, movie studio's are always keen to re-do a good idea. sometimes it works (Carpenters 'The Thing', 'The hills Have eyes', 'Dawn of the Dead'), and sometimes it doesn't (Van Sant's 'Psycho', 'The fog', 'the Wicker Man').

We shortly will have Rob Zombie's version of 'Halloween', of which I am quietly optimistic, and a new version of 'Escape from New York' will shoot with gerrard 'leonidas' Butler playing Pliskin.

There are, however, some films that I think it should be illegal to remake. Moments of cinematic perfection that must not be tampered with for a modern generation. I will start the list off, feel free to add or disagree as you see fit.

The Deer Hunter
The Exorcist
Evil Dead
The Good the Bad and The Ugly
The Longest Day
Blade Runner
Enter the Dragon
Butch cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Easy Rider
Night of the Hunter
Lawrence of Arabia
Dr Strangelove
Clockwork Orange

The above I consider unbeatable in their existing form, either for a specific performance, or due to having captured the culture of the period they were filmed in.
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