I found this video by accident in www.youtube.com. Something about Daido Juku. I think is great and this type of sparring should be done every week in a school of martial arts. I remember how every Wednesday I had to spar like this in my school. The only differences were that we did not use protection and we could grab anywhere and anything and also bite. We would first do it slow for a few minutes, just to practice, apply anything without the worry of getting hit back immediately than we would switch to almost 80% intensity. We would stop short from breaking a bone or pulling an eye out or ripping a testicle off. Anyone in that school after three years of 5 day-a-week training could handle pretty much anyone. On the average most students could handle most blackbelts of any system after only a year of training. Even BJJ or wrestling! It is a very traditional school even in their training.
I saw this video in youtube and it brought memories back. They still train like that even more harder than before. Too bad I live many hours away from there now.

Check out Daido Juku. In old and true Silat this is how the sparring for beginners was. For the advance it was and in some cases is a different story. This was only the beggining of a long learning experience.


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