Hello all,

I'm finding myself in what is a slight connudrum. I have my ring debut in about 8 days at which I am fighting at 170. However, I am currently 175, down from 183 in the past 4 weeks. My weight will not budge now, and I feel that my body is close to over-training, if I even dare add anything else into the regimen. And obviously, besides the normal stupidity of not eating, it is now coupled with the fact that I actually need the energy that precious food gives.

I have had some people (dieters and casual trainers, but NOT fighters) recommend supplements like creatine to give me a supposed energy boost and help me shed a few more pounds (I would rather not have to cut water to weigh in correctly), but having never had any I don't know exactly know what to say or expect. I've also been told flax in the morning and all those things.

My regimen for the coming and final week (which has no weights anymore):
Sprints - Monday to Thursday
Plyometrics - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
50% Jog - Wednesday, Thursday
Training - Monday to Thursday

Friday is the weigh-in, so nothing can really be done there, and I work on Tuesdays, so I more or less lose that day.

My daily diet:
5 meals - cereal, salad, fruits, dinner, and then cereal or fruit again
2-3 L of water

I estimate about 1800-2200 calories/daily.

Can anyone offer tips on how to shed at least some of this 5 lbs without sacrificing muscle, strength, or sanity?

Thank you