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So, you've just joined Fighting Arts as a member, and you want to ask a question in the Beginner's Forum? Well, wait one moment! There are certain questions which are asked a lot and, if asked again, will illicit a predictable stock reply from some members, followed by the sound of heads on walls from others.

So, take the opportunity to view the FAQ...

1) I live in [insert place name], any good places teaching [insert art] here?
Possibly, but we almost certainly don't know. Your' best friend here is the Phone Book and taking the time to look at, or try out these places. There is some lengthier advice on this topic here: http://www.fightingarts.com/ubbthreads/s...=0#Post15914203
2) Hello everyone, I'm new.
We love new members and want to hear all about you (although for internet safety reasons, we recommend you leave out your exact address, full name, and embarrassing photos of you in a skin-tight ninja suit, throwing shurikans at bewildered pigeons). But do it in the Introductions thred here:

3) How long will/should it take to earn my black belt?
This depends on the organisation. The value of a black belt also depends on this. Apart from anything else, a black belt should be the side effect of training and not it's purpose.

4) What is a McDojo?
A McDojo can be thought of as a money-grabbing MA school which doesn't teach a very useful curriculum and over-charges.

This list will be updated as and when the need arises. Thanks for your cooperation, we only do this because we feel it will improve your experience of Fighting Arts!

-- TimBlack

Some Tips From MattJ

Some helpful info -


Leave both windows blank to just search for keywords/username with no date limit. If you click the drop down button on the "newer than" window where it says days, weeks, months and years you will see a blank space above days. Click on that, and clear the "1" out of the other window and the system will search as far back as needed to get 200 results.

As an alternative:

You click on a user's name in a thread, which brings up their profile. Click on the "show all users posts", and it will brings up a list of posts by that person.

Useful Posts

A post for those who might become martial artists http://www.fightingarts.com/ubbthreads/s...=0#Post15770259

Links/advice for future Martial Artists http://www.fightingarts.com/ubbthreads/s...79#Post15912325

A to Z of Martial Arts

Forum Rules

MA style video library

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