Hey guys, I'm Fitch. I am 27 years old and just finished a daunting eight years of college! Towards the end of that time span I found myself in a work/sleep/eat/study/eat pattern with a serious lack of athleticism, which caused me to gain some pounds (to the tune of 20 extra). It was in late May that I decided to get into some sport/art so I joined a gym and started with just kickboxing and boxing classes and really liked that. I had also wanted to give BJJ try for sometime after seeing it early in college but I was very reluctant to try it. Well, this past week I gave in and took a shot at it and boy am I glad I did, because I really liked it. Needless to say, I start a regular plan with those classes tomorrow!

I look forward to meeting some new folks on here and talking about training and getting tips and advice from all of you more experienced artists/athletes.
For now, you guys take care,
Fitch ----------------