Hi, I am new to martial arts and to this forum. I am a 36 yr old female and I started studying Tang Soo Do in January of this year. I recently acheived an orange belt in this style and have become "bitten by the MA bug" so to speak. I love it! I was heavily involved in gymnastics up until I was 9 yrs old, but thankfully I have never lost that flexibility.

I am very lucky in that a few months after considering taking up martial arts, a dojang opened up within walking distance of my home. I'm studying martial arts to improve tons of things in my life: focus, balance, commitment, perseverance, fitness and overcoming fear. For me it is an extension of my journey through the 12 steps - integrating the physical with the mental & spiritual. I have been out of shape for a very long time but am just now getting into fighting shape.

I will probably lurk more than post, but I wanted to introduce myself.

Tang Soo!