Hey, im dan, have been around various martial arts since i was young, dropped them when teen stupidity kicked in, then joined muay thai, about a year and a bit ago, ive taken my training very seriously since the fist class, and now am currently in pattaya, thailand on a 6 mounth muay thai bender, living in gym and training 2 times a day. though im 24 and prob wont have a real chance of taking this anywhere amazing, i want to go as far as i can... muay thai has saved me from many various drugs, over indulging in alcohal, and smoking. And when your in a punkrock band, not doin a few lines with the guys befor a show is hard stuff hahahaha so hello to everybody that has found the arts and have used them to improve them selfs both metaly and physicly (but martial arts will never improve my spelling)
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