Hi all of you guys and menina

well i am suda and i started doing tkd about one month ago and have been doing since. unlike what i did earlier i enjoy tkd each day more for many reasons .

but some times i find it soooooo irritating that i can not do kicks and punchs with the quickness along with the power that i imagine they should be.i mean so far i try and practice a lot but it is not coming naturally so far.any way i daydream of the day i would be able to fight with my opponent who are mostly seniors in an aggresive yet more natural manner in which my body can fight throwing kicks and punches naturally without using my brain to think of my next movement.

hey by the way if my english sounds like crap , sorry people i am still improving my english.

hey menina how are u and i read many new things about u , mmmmmm they are interesting and seemz you enjoy being here a lot.... take care

When that happens to me I just stop, take a step back and breath. Like any art it takes time to develop the skills you seek. I found that the best thing to do to increase my development was just to relax and do the movements slowly. I feel the technique this way and learn my body mechanics. Try it and see if it helps.
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