Your kind of right Supremor.
In the context of a TKD person coming in and using what he knows or what happens to rear its head,I agree with.Im all for that.If he can do it.

And I would say its the small details that matter at the top
I was coming from the angle of a persom who is fighting the best in the world at NHB.My veiw was that he is unlikely that he will go away to learn the TKD kicks discussed if he has not done them before.
My other point,and I still beleive brothers ,is that a pure NHB syle is the future.There will be a kick which is the best way to kick for NHB.
Future fighters will have only done NHB..not TKD or MT or whatever,and so only have NHB specific techniques and tactics.
I point my saxaphone at the rare Booted Gorilla.