Well, I for one am enjoying the debate, and to that end I have a criticism of Matxt's argument:


Is still a TKD kick if its adapted?
Maybe or maybe its an NHB kick now.
Which means that it wont be spotted as a TKD kick ,which is why you wont see the TKD kicks in NHB, which was the point of the thread and my point to begin.

This I think, is really the cornerstone of your argument. But I think that the point has so little real impact on the debate, that it is without meaning. Let me explain.

There have, on the thread, been examples of TKD fighters fighting in NHB contests, and in some cases, doing very well. These fighters would consider their background to be TKD and given the pedigree of some of them like Galesic and Elliot, I think we should accept them at their word. The fact that they have changed their "game" in certain respects to fit in with a change of rules- grappling, knees and elbows etc- does not mean that we should disregard their training in TKD.

If we were to talk about Randy Couture, we would neccessarily need to mention his background in wrestling, because it is so fundamental to his development as a fighter, and the style he uses in the ring/octagon. No one is saying that Couture is no longer a wrestler, he is a NHB fighter sure, but with a huge wrestling influence. He has picked up many other skills- boxing, submissions(still not his strong point)- but that does not stop us from considering him a wrestler. The same goes for his techniques, however much they have changed(and they have certainly changed!), the techniques he is using could still be considered wrestling techniques, and given his background I think most people would accept them as such.

I think there is a double standard here for TKD fighters. If a NHB fighter has a long TKD background- and remember we're talking about former world champions, people who have put much of their lives into honing their TKD skills- we should recognise the TKD influence in what he does. Sure, the techniques may change subtly, and the emphasis in how he fights, but be in no doubt that the fighter is a TKD fighter who has developed into a NHB competitor. The same goes for his techniques- whatever changes have been made to the kicking techniques, they are essentially TKD techniques that he has learnt from training TKD for so long.

It seems evident from this, that a TKD kick is STILL a TKD kick, even if it's adapted. In this respect Trevek was right in bringing up such a question, since I think your answer matxt was more a play on words than a meaningful analysis of the issue.

That looked so much shorter in my head lol.