I talked about re-chambering to show the difference between the kicks.Yes,its retracted,though it retracts differenty.It retracts on the hip...not the knee,like WTF kick does.
The techniques for both kicks are different.Huh?

I personaly have never seen in real life or in clips a pure TKD person with no MT experience do a kick like it.
Maybe theres some you youtube clips out there?
Its always been ended with a snap of knee.Be it old style or knew style.Its the hall mark of TKD.To do multiple kicks.

''not the whole body'? Try standing and turning your foot 150 degrees. Then lift your other leg. Your body automatically spins because the muscles are now twisted to make it so. add to that some hip motion or shoulder motion and tell me how you are not using your whole body? I think you are mixing up the notion of the source of power and motion and the amount of the body use with momentum.''

I dont understand the point.Can you elaberate please?

The technique for the TKD kick done traditionaly does not use the FULL body motion.It is pyhsicaly and scientificaly impossible because of the re-chamber.
Once you stap it out it stops.To go any further would take someone to push your leg.Try it in the air.Do the kick.You stop.
It does not matter what you do with your foot or hips or arm,if you snap that knee out to re-chamber,you will stop.
Yes, I do pivot of the foot and use the hips and arms also,your right.Its not FULL body motion though still.
Full body motion is letting it All go,not stopping it at all,letting the target stop it.

I dont get the point of the clips either.
What were they to show?

That TKD people dont kick low? I havnt said they dont.

That kicks wont work in MMA fights?I never said they didnt.

The clips show a good TKD fighter doing ok in some MMA competion fighting people who are not the best in world or the best grapplers.
I have in mind the best.

Look.Im not anti TKD.I still train in it.lol.Im not attached to it though either.Im unbiased.I dont mean to p*** anybody off,though I will if im going against your beleifs even if I dont deliberatly mean to.
I point my saxaphone at the rare Booted Gorilla.