Ok.Its cool you disagree im not going to try to change your mind just stand by mine.
Its just common sense.

Im not biased towards a boxers stance.I think the boxers stance is great...for boxing.
The MT stance is great......for MT.
The wrestling stance is great.......for wrestling.

NHB is all of these combined so it makes total sense that you need to be able to do all these things.If you choose one of these stances over the other it makes doing something else harder.

Im coming from the veiw of fighting the best.Against people who can do it all.I never know untill its too late if the person attacking me has 'done a bit' so its simpler for me to train with the best in mind.

Im not actualy saying what stance to do or going into it,its impossible in writing.Im saying that a stand up stance makes you vunerable for defence against a person who can take you down,pummel and tie you up,and less able to takedown them or tie them up.Its possible..if they are a mug though its too risky.

If you were to be in a wrestlers stance you cant strike so I havnt mentioned a 'UFC stance.

I would also beg to differ that any one at the top is in a boxing stance...they are more sqaure on.Making it harder to side kick or do the knee chambers of TKD kicks.
What if your side kick misses..or they step back...you are side on...so so vunerable.

I think your also assuming that the person you face is a dunce and will not do footwork or feint to shoot on you and that they will wave a big sign saying 'im coming'.Not so.

Footwork is essential yes.Im not saying be flat footed or do a wrestlers stance,you cant as now you cant strike as well as is needed.

Ill put my head on the line,without checking footage yet and say that I reckon the best in the world are more square on that boxers or kickboxers...maybe they are more so if they have MT backrounds yet I bet there hips are not as forward.

If you atart going deeper..being side on makes you vunerable to their low kicks taking out both of your legs..ending up on your arse.

Imnot talking about facing just some wrestler who is flat footed im talking about facing someone who can do it ALL back to you and you dont know whats coming.

And as for circling foot work..its actualy easier to face different directions more square on that do it more side on as thefeet have to move more.
I point my saxaphone at the rare Booted Gorilla.