NHB is not self defense. Two guys a padded cage, usually knowlegeable of the other person's skills, with rules, however few, squaring off and fighting with a referee and without the interference of others, is not a self defense situation. Why make the comparison? If you search "kick ko" on youtube there is a video of a guy kicking another guy in the head in a parking lot, while both are standing. He Kos the guy, who was obviuosly not expecting it. You have to be good at kicking to use it, but don't you have to be good at wrestling to use it as well? I've seen a lot more people kicking and punching each other in fights than I have doing BJJ style grappling. I've also seen much smaller people kick larger people and injur them. Why try to discredit? How many Kevin Randlemans are there out there, stalking our streets, waiting to shoot in on those silly kickers and steal our wallets? If I kick someone, I'm not going to say "watch out for my TKD!!" I think anyone with good training will use the most simple thing possible, be it kick or whatever, to win a self defense encounter. I know it's not the poular opinion, but i do not think watching UFC fights is the end all for martial arts theory and debate. Just because something doesn't work against Kevin Randalman doesn't mean it won't work against the drunk guy who just slapped your wife.

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