I think another thing is the necessity of precision with some kicks. A MT roundhouse or shin kick, for example, allows the shin to be used if the foot doesn't strike. Many TKD kicks rely on the foot, and often a particular part of the foot for striking, so it is necessary to be precise for the best result.

With this in mind, attempting these kind of kicks against, for example, a wrestler who is trained to spot an opening and jam or shoot in, is very risky.

If we consider in TKD training we are trained to jam in and deliver a counter pnch or kick we can imagine the problems when a wrestler jams in and uses his whole body to bring us down... ouch.

If we don't get full precision it is possible even a slight movement by the opponent can minimalise or reduce the efficacy of the kick and leave us open to their base desires!
See how well I block your punches with my jaw!!

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