You already know the answers that you will receive ... go to the doctor. After 3 separate injuries to my left elbow, almost a year a part to the day, I ended up having my elbow looked at. Bone chips kept tearing the bursa sack causing swelling and pain. Even when I got the swelling subsided I was still in pain. After the operation it took some time to heal but eventually the arm has been as good as new.

If they x-ray your knee and find bone fragments they will have a simple operation to remove them. They will look at the knee as well and try to minimize anymore damage that can be cause which may mean sanding or filing down of the bone ... or something along that line. Just like my elbow, it looks slightly different then my right elbow, and in fact is an excellent weapon for elbow strikes. As well my left knee has two indents from the ACL patellar tendon surgery.

Get it looked at, the last thing you want is it to get worse. Who knows, those bone fragments could move into your body and cause more harm. When younger around 9 years old I had to have a piece of my knee removed as it got dislodged and could move up and down my leg which doctors felt the same way, problems could arise later.

Go now, don't pass go, don't collect $200, go directly to ... the doctor.