Now you are really being ridiculous. Randy Couture, Genki Sudo, Fedor, etc...are not elite athletes? Come on man.

These guys are the best of a very very small group of people who compete in MMA style combat sport.

To compare them to people who are the best in a sport where Millions of people from childhood play and compete for the few spots in the major sports, is ridiculous.

MMA is generations behind, in the quality of athlete who is competing, not just money.


That Chuck has more overall skill - the exact point I was trying to make.

NO he has a particular Skill he has trained in, having someone untrained fight someone who is trained is a waste of time and proves nothing.

Now take the best pound for pound boxer on the planet and train him for MMA bouts for a couple of years, then put him in the octagon, he would monkey stomp these guys, I have no doubt of this.

Matt I respect the MMA fighters, but I have been around Professional Athletes in football and basketball, I was a pretty damn good athlete myself in my prime, and I can assure these guys are not like the rest of us, they are scary gifted.

Imagine a Mike Tyson in the octagon with those light gloves he would kill people, cave in faces with his speed and power.
Undefeated in all of Asia!