Funny that you deride my sources (Chosen only for ease of access to everyone) but yet agree with my every point.

" Its funny how no matter how much legitimate info there is on ninja/ninjutsu people still seem to manage to find the wrong sources. Wikipedia and are not reliable sources for this subject matter."

"1. Ninja were not primarily women. It is widely believed that many were samurai trained for clandestine operations. The majority were believed to be average people hired to gather intel posing as gardeners, cooks and various other “hired help”. Some were women but the image of the kunoichi is far from accurate."
Absolutely right, the culture at the time did not allow women to hold such a vital and important role in war. Not to say that they weren't used, but that the common misconception is that the majority was female is simply that, a misconception. When you say that they weren't primarily assassins, again you are completely correct (as far as the sketchy historical details can assertain.) They had far more clandestine jobs than just assassination (although they DID perform this task as well,) they gathered intel, they did reconnaisance, the acted as harrassing parties to opposing camps, too many tasks to mention. Never open warfare. HOWEVER, (as you stated) this was for a multitude of reason. Their equipment was often not suited and open combat is hardly the domain of a stealthy operation that "ninja" would be called to do. Which puts us to your next point...

"2. Ninja were not assassins. This was one of their functions but their primary reason for being was to gather intel." Again, as I stated previously, I agree.

"3. The myths and reputation surrounding the ninja were allowed and encouraged and sometimes started by the ninja in order to give them a psychological advantage over the enemy. If the locals believed ninja were 10 feet tall and could shoot fire out of their eyes they weren’t going to argue."
Of course, myths perpetuated in every culture about everything that wasn't open knowledge because of the lack of mass media to inform. Why would they argue? It suited their purpose to be seen in such a way.

"4. Saying the last thing ninja wanted was to find themselves in open battle with a samurai is partially true but not for the reasons some may think. They weren't typical soldiers so their job wasn't to confront guards. It was to collect info, spy or yes assassinate. So avoiding guards only increased their chances of success. They were just as skilled as many other "warriors" of their time and don’t even get me started on the “ninja-to”."
Indeed!!! Almost word for word what I was getting at. Samurai trained for open battle and as their primary job, many were very proficient. Ninja were not called upon to do these things as it wasn't condusive to getting their job done. Again, I completely agree!

"5. The samurai's "Bushido code" wasn't something followed as most like to glamorize and came about as a means to smooth relations with the local populous in a time when there was no longer a need or desire for the samurai. Some might want to look into what the samurai really were vise believing what Hollywood says they were. Same goes for ninja. I'd say 98% of what many "know" about ninja and samurai is either Hollywood BS or the ramblings of some wanabe "ninja master" who also learned everything he knows from Hollywood."
THIS is a difficult point, because even though you are 100% correct historically a samurai couldn't be OPENLY asked to do such things. It was dishonorable. MANY abuses of samurai "power" came at the hands of these warriors but they were still subject to the rules of bushido in the eyes of their superiors and open judgement from them. Anything that could bring dishonour to a leader OPENLY would be frowned on. Make no mistake, in my opinion, these warriors were no better in all practicality than our knights (who were by no means princes of honour either)

This is an interesting topic, but since your point was to say that you wanted to adhere to a code that helped you in your personal life, I will say this. Kudos to you.
Ninja or not, samurai or not, the code you speak of is certainly a good one to be held by its ethos.
IF you are going to cite "ninja" or "samurai" then as a martial practicioner I would say that it is our responsibility to be informed, because to the initiate, our word carries weight.
Peace and love
train how you fight, fight to live.