I would disagree with anyone who says Bob Sapp is an untrained fighter. While he may not have the best technique, he has had training and has trained prior to every fight just like any pro athlete/competitor. He may not be a martial artist, but he is a pro fighter and while not the most technical he has come a long way on his attributes. Many other fighters claim they don't respect him as a fighter because he just uses his size and power to bull does his way into the sport...So what? He uses his attributes which is just another factor in whether he can do well as a competitor.

I have seen videos of his training for both boxing and kick boxing.

What Kimo is referring to as elite is DNA, he chooses nature over nurture. A point that neither proves him right or wrong as this can be argued to infinity.

However, I feel most people will agree that it is not just DNA that makes an elite athlete, but the combination of both nature and nurture, good genetics and quality training along with the spirit to persevere through.

I would compare someone like Tim Silvia to Bob Sapp, someone who has gotten by on training but mostly their attributes. Even though we all know Silvia trains with Militech camp. To me it was why the better athlete with great attributes such as Randy Couture was able to win rather easily.
"Poor is the pupil who
does not surpass his
master" - Leonardo Da