I think the most important stat I can state is simply the magnitude of potential is so much higher in Pro Football, it would be extraordinary that a small population of athletes found in MMA

And where did you get this source?


the proof of the pudding is in the eating, there are currently several washed up athletes trying to compete in the MMA

Like Bob Sapp who get his handed down to him on almost every occassion. You call that 'elite'? I thought you said 'elite athletes' are able to wipe the floor of the scrubby MM-Artists. Now answer this; what's an 'elite' athlete?


Let's see how they do and we can re visit this topic then

The one that is in MMA isn't doing great. Now let's continue the discussion.


the proof of the pudding is in the eating

I certainly agree, but then it's just another excuse for you not having to put down your sources, facts, data, stat and proof of your claims.


We are all just too stubborn to change our minds, anyway.

Nope, you're the one that's being stubborn and even though you know we're right, you just can't accept the truth.

I do admit that Bob Sapp got skills but that's only due to him being in the industry for a long time but he's never been 'elite' in the MMA industry despite his physical advantage of strength he lacks in technique and functional strength geared towards combat. His body is made to run in the fields, not bull-rushing someone just to get KO'ed by a jab (Sapp-Crocop fight).

And you still haven't answered "What defines an 'elite' athlete".

-Taison out
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