Fromm the article:

'On an interesting side note Floyd Mayweather Jr. cleared up some questions about his rumored life after boxing. In the past weeks boxing's widely regarded pound for pound champion had made derogatory comments about mixed martial arts and its fighters, prompting UFC President Dana White to reportedly offer Floyd Mayweather Jr. a fight against current UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk to prove if Mayweather's suspicions of mixed martial arts fighters were true.

Mayweather Jr. swallowed his pride and sincerely stated to Fightnews that he has no plans of competing in any organization of mixed martial arts,

"I apologize to the UFC, sometimes we say things that we shouldn't have said and I'm man enough to admit that. I apologize to the Fertittas, Lorenzo and Dana White (UFC owners), . I respect MMA fighters and what they do in the UFC. I have no plans of fighting in mixed martial arts." '

Think it puts this one to bed.
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