Oscar and Floyd are to make between $10,000,000 and $25,000,000 each for this fight ... yes, generations ahead of MMA, no question. But you cannot base a pro based on money, that would be ridiculous. Baseball players make good money and they are pros but would not do well in MMA or boxing and neither would boxers or MMA guys do well in baseball. Then look at pro football players, tennis players, hockey players, etc. They are all pros in their specific sport and they are trained to the caliber that is required of them. If a MMA guy was going to turn to a pro boxer then you can guaran-god-dam-tee that they would train to that caliber. If a boxer wanted to do MMA he would have to do the same. They are two different sports and cannot be compared to each other so why does Mayweather even get off spouting crap like he is? The elite fighters in MMA are pros, no question. In every professional sport there are those that stand out more and perform better such as Evander Holleyfield, Jerome Bettis, Wayne Gretzky, Andre Agassi, Hank Aaron, etc. And there will always be those that don't, but that doesn't make them less of a pro, just not as elite.

Mayweather perhpas is in the elite level of boxing right now but to spout crap like this does nothing for him. In a MMA ring even with training he would be destroyed by somebody like Chuck Liddell. Are people that daft that they think grappling is so dam easy? That defending from a Muay Thai clinch and knees is no problem? How about defending from ground 'n pound or elbows being dropped? What because you can last 10-12 rounds in a boxing ring and you are a good boxer that you think fighting in the cage would be simple? Many guys have great hands and find out that isn't enough. Many guys are great on the ground and find that isn't enough. Many people are very well rounded and sometimes that isn't enough. Mayweather should only talk about stuff he knows and MMA is not one of them.

I hope he makes his millions and still gets his ass kicked by Oscar. Go get him Oscar, at least I know he has respect for MMA fighters.