Note how Floyd isn't talking about getting in a MMA ring, though.

Hard to talk trash when someone has you in a RNC, huh?

Why would a boxer or any fighter fight for less the $100k when he makes multi-millions per fight. Doesn't make sense to him or me. Skills like his if he got some ground skills he tear up the MMA ring, but why would he do that unless he got too old to Box.

I enjoy watching MMA/UFC maybe more then boxing, but in truth Boxing is were the MONEY at, lets just keep it real.

Now Chuck Liddile ain't doing too bad, but you couldn't compare his earinings to Floyd Mayweather's.

And Oscar my boy, but he ain't got a chance if Floyd don't slug with him, if he can avoid that Delahoya left hook, this is Floyds fight to win. But win or lose he going to make Millions $$$$.

It ain't bragging if it's True. But I do wish he had some restain.

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