While I'll admit that a boxer has excellent cardio as they need to for the amount of rounds they have and the length of time per round, I see them as two different sports. While a MMA guy who steps in the boxing ring would have much difficulty I also "know" a boxer would have equal or greater problems stepping into a MMA ring.

He can flap his gums all he wants because it is nothing. I like boxing still, I used to be a huge boxing fan and grew up watching this since the 70's. I however have to admit I find MMA much more entertaining and exciting as I believe the world does as boxing viewers are not as plentiful as they used to be but MMA fans have vastly increased. I think there is room for both of them but for a boxer to flap his gums putting down the MMA and in particular Chuck Liddell of the UFC, I see this nothing more then promotion of his next event. He has created controversy and that gets around, just like it has made its way to FA.com. Now many people will be more in tuned to watch if he gets his butt handed to him or not.

Is boxing the best sport in the world? If I was a boxer then I'd say yes. If I was a MMA fighter I'd say MMA was the best. If I played football I'd say football was the best. You get the idea ... but when it boils down to it the fans get the ultimate say and the sports they like the best will be more in your face and readily available to watch, especially if that sport has good promoters.