Many of the most highly respected and effective martial arts in the world were developed by wise men on misty mountain tops.

Name one, and the mountain it was invented on.


A runner or a cook for example aren't learning skills that enable them to learn how to handle the conflicts and difficulties in life both within themselves and in the environment around them.

My god, you have never been around a professional kitchen have you?

Running (distance): few physical endeavours require the mental fortitude to push the body mile after mile, lungs burning, heart racing the same way that distance running does. 26 miles with nothing but the thoughts in your skull and the sound of your breathing will test your willpower more than a bit of sparring down your dojang on a thursday night. Many reach a 'zen like' state whilst running, being at one with the moment, some who pound a regular route do not even notice their surroundings, the body working on autopilot. A meditative state through physical hardship, if you will.

As for cooking- that is an art. Learning the complex interelationship between foods, in taste, colour, and texture to create new and exciting experiences for the palate requires years of dedication, practice and knowledge. Then that knowledge must be spread and coordinated amongst a team of people to allow potentially hundreds of diners to experience en masse, something that tastes like it was created for them alone. Communication, creation, dedication, these can be found in any walk of life, not just a 'misty mountain top'

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