Unfortunately you are right. Increasingly few schools are teaching any kind of philosophy behind their skills and techniques. It is a shame as without the underlying philosophies i believe we can become little more than street fighters and in doing so we severely limit the extent of the knowledge we can learn.
Taoism of course is the classic example. So many of the world's martial arts stem from knowledge originally discovered and developed by the taoists. It is easy to forget that the taoists were never concerned with defeat of opponents but learning to gain balance and harmony in their lives and strive to understand the relationships between themselves and the natural world around them.
Their martial arts training enabled them to test knowledge directly on another person and so the various theories of energy flow, sinking, moving like water etc came about and were gradually adopted by other martial arts. By developing these arts they discovered phenomenal amounts about the human potential.
Read the Tao Te Ching and you will learn philosophies that as are applicable in the street or in the ring as they were in the Chinese culture of 2500 years ago.

Real knowledge never goes out of date.