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I have been pondering something lately. The question is simply this..."Have we lost the way?" Or sould I say Way?"

I don't ask this to be condescending but as a sincere question. If one is practicing a "Do" suffixed art of any type there is the implication of a philosophical root or foundation built into the name of that system.

In many conversations I read online there is talk about function, utilility, and effectiveness. What could be more practical than the Tao. I get a sense many times that the idea of studying classical texts like the Tao and reflecting deeply on them is seen as maybe quaint and perhaps antiquated. I wonder if those texts are all to easily lumped into the "mystical bull$hit I don't need" catagory.

Do you study a do art?

If you do, have you lost the way?

If you have or haven't you might want to take a look at this link...


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