And what I'm saying is that questions about the teachers/books etc are the MOST crucial ones to have answers for.

Its like trying to build a car without knowing what kind of engine you want.

You kinda need to be able to answer those questions.

4-NOPE, that is NOT what "suggested" at all.

What I said was if some organization is going to provide teachers etc--then they have no need of YOU at all.

They would be better offer from a business standpoint just takeingyour idea and doing it themselves--no "middle man" to drive up prices and better control over the product itself.

6-Sorry, but they ARE the same--more or less.

Also feel teh need to point out two things here.

A-Since you have NO idea whom is teaching or the textbooks used or an actual course of study---how the heck can you even claim that they are "not the same??"

You have no idead what your teaching, whose teaching it or with what materials---no possible way you can make that statetment at this point--none.

B-Again, if you can't tell people why they should take your classes instead of something else in a couple of clear sentences--then you'll be able to sell this to exactly NOBODY.

6-Eveytime we try and discuss this CLEP thing the more muddle it gets.

Your saying multiple contridictor things about it.

I'll say it again, martial arts is a subject where people have the capacity to have very in-depth expressable skills, you need a logical means of dealing with them.

You don't have one--you need to seriously think about it.

What are you selling?

If I can better elsewhere why come to you?
I did battle with ignorance today.......and ignorance won. Huey.