There is some really good advice being given by all sorts of people.

1-You have no clue how to go about establishing why a given person is "qulaified" of not---and you don't even have a guess how to establish that for the potential students.

If I was your banker and I asked you several times now--just how you define "qualifed" and you could not answer me---then you get no money from my bank.

2-You can't even tell me whom exactly is "qualified" to teach and yet your OK with these nameless, faceless, phantom people picking your books??

Again if you can't me even in THEORY whom is going to be doing this and what books they will use--then nobody is going to bankroll your project.

4-If the ORGANIZATIONS are the ones that are de-facto certifing and "qualifying" your teachers then why do they need YOU?

I'd just set up a school with my OWN organization and keep all the cash to myself.

5-Actually they are the "same" class, your just wanting to have it at YOUR location rather than elsewhere.

MA are simply not that different from any other business--even the insurence is simply not that complex---plus your better organization do all that for you ANYWAY.

Another "non-benefit" that people won't need or can get better elsewhere.

7-Yeah, I know what CLEP stands for

Now your waffling, BEFORE you told me that skilled MA person COULD CLEP out of martial arts classes.

If I'm the current forms champion or the current UFC winner by what possible logic could you force me to take one of your "martial arts" classes?

If I'm de-facto better than your teachers--why come to you at all?

This goes to the heart of the problem---not many people have in-depth hands on work with say Forensics Accounting.
Chances are the teacher will know more about that than any of his students.

Martial arts however is a very different industry from the students perspective and people with tons of hands on are eveywhere.

If you have no means of dealing with thses people then I can see serious problems ahead.

Not the least of which is messy situation with skilled students.

Remember, were not talking about skilled people in classes--where talking about skilled people and DEGREES.

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