after you are accredited, it'll be $21,000! lol


Beyond the money, I don't like the distance-learning idea. That works fine for reading Shakespeare or studying politics, but how can you reliably teach a concept like fighting via a web cam? You might be able to use it to supplement actual mat time, but not to replace it.

And if I were a hiring manager, I would care that you know something about my business if you're trying to get a good job with me. If you just want to be a file clerk or a receptionist, that's one thing, but then you can get a 2 year degree at a typing school and get a job like that.

If you want to be hired by an investment firm, showing them a major in martial arts isn't going to get you in the door. If you want to be hired into a GOOD position in a company it is generally helpful to be able to demonstrate that you have some skill or knowledge that will apply to your job. Knowing how to fight (or at least thinking you do) and knowing the history of the bo staff isn't going to impress anyone outside of the martial arts world.
Of course you can get a job with a BA in martial arts, but it won't be a good one. And you can get a job with only a GED if you have to - and it'll probably be just about as good as the one the guy with the BA/MA gets.
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