Hi Shadowkahn,

Thank you for your reply. Yes, you are correct about a 4 year degree not qualifying you (by itself) to open a dojo, however, I believe it does add at least some value to someone opening a dojo. You are also correct in that this would be mostly for those who are interested in one day instructing and/or owning a dojo.

I would like to add, however, that I feel this degree could also be used by many other people from other career fields as well. Not specifically the martial arts degree, but just the accredited degree itself (if we can get the accreditation). For instance, when I was a military officer, I know that many of my peers had degrees in subjects having nothing to do with their jobs, and many of them only got that particular degree because it was easy or convenient, never having a desire to pursue that particular field. I have spoken to many people recently who got degrees with the same mentality. If there are martial artists that need a degree in something (anything), why not pursue one in a subject they really enjoy, even if they don't plan to instruct later?

Often, employers require simply an accredited degree; the major does not matter. This program would provide that.

Graduates could use the degree to pursue not only government jobs (including military), but also law enforcement, security management, and public safety in addition to martial arts instructor positions.

As a side note, I also feel that a degree such as this should NOT BE REQUIRED to run a dojo or instruct at one.

Please keep your opinions coming. Thank you, and stay safe, Jason