My concern is not to protect him or justify what he did,

I thought that was where you where going with the “demonising him outright without discovering all possibilities of why he did what he did is just plain ignorant” comment.


And why do you think the kids will grow up blaming themselves? You watch too much TV me thinks...

And me thinks you don’t have kids.


we won't be able to find the factors of his life that led up to the event and thus allow us to prevent this from happening in the future.

you may have missed this but this is taken FTA:

"He was completely off our radar until his wife walked into our office Monday morning to file a complaint against him,"
Strain said there's no indication the killings could have been prevented. "We have reviewed everything from our first contact with Ms. Magee, and there is nothing this agency could have done or should have done differently," he said.
If someone is so hell-bent on such destruction, I don't know what anyone could have done to stop him."

I can agree on gaining an understanding for prevention, but this can lead to justification in some rather odd ways.
I can’t remember the names (I will look when I get more time and try to post a URL) but sometime back – way back - two kids killed their parents. One of the jurors after the case was quoted saying something about their punishment is that their family is gone and they wont ever see their parents again – yet they where the ones that killed them.
Sorry that logic escapes me.
-- -JBC-