You seem to be a little confused about what is meant by 'static' and 'passive' stretches. A static stretch is one in which a position is held, and develops static flexibility. There are three kinds of static stretching: static passive (also known as relaxed stretching), static active and isometric. Read the thread on different types of stretching at the top of the forum.

Without seeing how the rest of your training is structured, it is impossible to comment on how to organise your flexibility training. Generally, you should do dynamic stretching after a warm-up, but before the main part of your training, and do isometric or static passive stretches after your training. It's a good idea to do dynamic stretching in the morning, after a quick general warm-up.

If you want do get the splits quickly, set aside ten or fifteen minutes in the evening to spend doing isometric and static passive stretching on alternating days.
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