My lack of flexibility is a running joke at my MA school--so much so that I've bought Kurz's book and thought about buying a stretching machine. I'm even more encouraged to do so having heard about CobraLionz' progress--man, I would LOVE to double my range of flexibility.

But, I'm also encouraged to hear about others' success with the Kurz book. So, could someone please tell me exactly what stretching routine you did, how many times a day/week, and what kind of progress you were able to make? How long did it take before you noticed a difference in your flexibility?

I see the "Sample Workout Plans" in the book for, say, kickboxing but I'd like to see some examples of other people's routines.

Based on the sample workout routines, here's what I've been doing for the past couple days:

marching w/ joint rotations = 2-3 mins
jumping rope = 3 mins
dynamic stretching = front, back, & side kicks 3 sets of 12

knees = 3x12
muay thai round kicks = 3x12

***Do my martial arts class - either FIGHT, BJJ, or hapkido OR lift weights***

Cool Down
front lunges (no weights) = 3x12
side lunges (no weights) = 3x12

"frog" stretch = 3 mins
hip flexor (piriformis) stretch = 3 mins
front split stretch = 1 min
side split stretch = 1 min

Thanks all.