Well I've somehow actually been able to kick myself back into high gear. Maybe the cold weather and short days have driven me back to the dojang.

While I was freaking out a bit about my decrease in flexibiliy, it seems that in just a few weeks it's gone up to where it was, and further!

I measured my side kick height the other night by using the cinderblock lines on the back wall of the school----six and a half feet! So I can actually kick well over my head now.

Granted, that's a right leg kick left is a wee bit lagging, if you catch my drift.

As much as I slam it, I'm concentrating on my passive static stretching after class these days. More to prevent soreness and tightness. Every little bit helps.

Also---and finally---I'm back lifting weights. This will be a tough process for me, since I'm such a hardgainer to begin with. A few years ago I was a solid 185lbs and lean, and I'm 170lbs now. I'd like to get those 15lbs back, but it'll be a long road, I think.

The upper body stuff is cake and pie; it's the lower body that may be tough. I don't want DOMS to hamper my TKD progress, nor do I want to overtrain and become injuried.

I still have great plans (don't I always? lol) for a program of plyometrics and proprioception work, but for now, it's just squats and romainian deadlifts on the legs.

My first day of legs was today, and I'll be interested to see how sore I am for tomorrows TKD class.

I'm also going to Mexico with a large group of friends in March, so maybe that's where all this motivation has come from.....hehe.
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