You really should ask your head instructor about the stretches.

I think you may have failed to read the post previous to yours....

....anyways, summer hours are gearing down, and I've enjoyed the summer a bit too much Slacking off from class, and comsuming too many <ahem> cold summer beverages.

I purchased a Century Wave Master, and set it up at one of the firehalls near my house; this will give me access to a bag 24/7 at my convenience. I'd like to bring my left kicks up to speed.

Although this thread is on flexibility, it's really no longer an issue....even over the summer, while MAYBE doing dynamic stretching once a week, I had no "regression" of flexibility. After one set of dynamic leg swings, head high kicks are not a prob at all.

Mr Kurz sure as hell knows what he's talking about.

Static flexibility? Pffft. Who needs it?

Actually, I will make more of an effort in that department. By the time I reach black belt (currently blue) I'd like to be able to do a full split....for no reason other than my own personal goal.

There's more than a few black belts than can't do the splits, yet could probably take my head clean off with a roundhouse kick.

Like always, I will post my progress, flexibility and otherwise.
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