So, I've finally got a strength-training program going in addition to my regular TKD classes. It was put together by a certified trainer and former kickboxer, so I'm excited to see results.

A lot of it focuses on core stability and proprioception, so it's free weights/balance boards/stability balls. I'd done the workout (which is full-body, and for now, that's fine) a few times, and it rocks.

My adductors have taken a beating, though. But, once I'm warmed up in class, it doesn't seem to affect my kicks. As long as I'm diligent about stretching, I'm looking forward to gains in flexibility secondary to strength grains.

Also....I've started seeing a chiropracter again, who specializes in A.R.T. (Active Release Therapy); it's basically a deep myofascial massage. Because of my previous hamstring injuries, and at prompting from my regular massage therapist, I've looked into this. And?

It's made an obvious difference in my ROM (range of motion) of my left hip and leg. What I thougt was scar tissue in my hamstring that was causing my kicking difficulties was actually scar tissue in my HIP. Makes sense. AT any rate, problem is fixed, and now my left versus right kicks are very close to equal again as far as power and height.

I've rambled enough for now. Belt testing in a week!