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I ve been following your posts for a time and i really think this forum its a great idea.
1 you said that in order to develop dynamic flex its necessary to doing leg raises (front, back ,side) in the morning. But i dont kwon if a previous warm up is needed?
2 what do you think about PNF method? is it better or worse than isometric stretches ?
3 How many times a week do you do passive stactic stretches? and how many repetitions per muscular group do you do?
4 what would you recomend me to improve height in my roundhouse kicks beside the dynamic stretches ?

Sorry to but in,

1. A few minutes of marching on the spot to warm the body, followed by joint rotations should be enough - some people have to do more than others, if you are young, a few mins should be fine.
2. To do Isometrics in the way tom kurz performs them, they use PNF principles.
3. Personally I only do static stretches after training, so about 3 or 4 times per week, this normally sees me to a decent split, and I normally spend around 15 - 30 seconds per stretch and normally do it twice, depending on how I feel.
4. Use correct strenthening exercises to increase your ability to perform them - dynamic stretches will help with height, but not power. Again go to www.stadion.com for advice.