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Thanks so much for responding. This is by far one of the most useful threads on this site.

1. As far as reps, I'm assuming you now do 2 sets (of 10 reps each) per leg: front, side, back? I'll follow your advice and see what happens for me. (Also will do strength work on ab+adductor pull downs with resistance).

2. Any stretching advice for keeping my toes pointing down and out of the way for proper strike in a roundhouse kick? My toes don't like to get out of the way and are constantly getting messed up in RH kicks.

1. Yes, that's pretty much it now. Remember, though: effort given = results recieved. If I put in as much time as I did when I was trying to make gains, I still would be.

2. Funny you mention toes and roundhouse kicks. We are taught to strike with the ball of our foot, toes pulled back, in the style of TKD I'm in now. When I was in karate, we were taught to strike with our instep, toes pointed.

I've found it's much harder to execute a roundhouse with the toes pulled back--our head instructor calls is "floppy foot syndrome", hehe. Other than practice, practice, practice. Working on a heavy bag will help a great deal here.