you are charging for the full monty, then?

yeah, you know my school, the biggest we ever got is 175 students, and that was when i am still in my 20s. now i am less than 100 students, but now i got kids, and a wife. i'm never going to have the huge, 300 peoples schools, but thats okay. but my old consultant told me, charge what your worth. theres nobody in town have the style i teach and the teaching methods i use. most teachers not even stronger than me, so i think i deserved. its like some people want to pay saturn price, they get a saturn (well come saturns real nice now), but my school is a hummer, and i aint charging no saturn price!

i found out, that students will pay if they really want the training. sometimes i'll give a "scholarship". but its like this. one of my teachers in the philippines lived 80 miles from my home. but i wanted to train there. i caught the "rabbit" bus, like a grayhound every week for two years. i slept on his floor, sometimes when i had money, i slept in a hotel (in the philippines a hotel is like $8 in those days). but my master always got his money, and i got to learn from a teacher i been wanting to study with since i was a kid. and guess what. he teach me himself, not his son, not one of this students, he did. and i was poor, but i wanted to learn. i sure learned a whole lot more than the visiting GIs and tourists who came with the "visit asia tour". i did this 2, 3 days a week for two years. here in the US, i was boxing with ham johnson in a junior high school. well, this is when riddick bowe was the champion. i catch an amtrack train to work out with rock, his trainer, and i was poor then, but i paid the price.

students today, most of them are too spoil they dont know how to learn an art. but theres lots who do. so $75 extra bucks, that's like 3 dates to the movies, 3 music CDs, or 2 dinner dates in a restaurant. if they want to learn, they gonna find a way. harvard is expensive, but some guys make a way if they want harvard's education, right?