Sounds like you guys are providing good customer service----sadly you can't count on the next guy doing the same.

Quick question--if the contract states that if one "move more than X miles, have an injury etc"

Then why would you need to "help" them?"

If those are listed contractual obligations then no "help" should be should be a simple matter of cancelation and proof of move etc.

What happens if someone gets injured and rather than have their contract "frozen" they just have no interest in training with the person/s that hurt them--or at the school that allowed them to be hurt??
Just a question--I've been in schools where they allowed some pretty hardcore sparring and failed to watch that newbies didn't get hurt.
And I have seen schools where nearly every senior member of the school had knee injuries thu their approach to training.
How would you handle a student that refused to do "X" bcause they have concerns for their health?

My problem/s with 3td parties are many--but from a business standpoint it places what are effectively PR/Marketing functions in the hands of a "3td Party" that cares exactly NOTHING for the success of ones business---they are in busines to COLLECT the money they already paid the 1st party for--not to see that collections are handedled with consideration and care.

I can almost assure you that few people will recall that your nice enough to allow folks that are havng payment problems work around the school for a cost break BUT they WILL remember and tell EVERYONE they know about what a jerk the collections company was that kept "harrassing" them.

And "harrassing" is exactly what they will say.

IMO a better approach to "delinquncy" is to be more selective in your choice of customers.

Very different business model however.

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