I see. I can't disagree with the "read the contract" thing, but well, I guess you are saying it's ok to create dishonest and harmful contracts and use it even if it hurts folks. For the record, I feel no sympathy for folks that don't read what they sign either. That doesn't make it right for folks to use dishonest business practices, which you seem to be ok with.

BTW: I have to ask, how long is your contract for? Would you be interested in sharing it with us (again, minus the personal details)?

And if you ever want to get out of your contract early, please let us know what happens. I would be interested in knowing what occurs.


If I get hurt and can't pay my mortgage, I loose my house and my investment. If I get hurt and can't pay my phone bill, I loose my phone service and in either case my credit report is f'd up. How many people are loosing their homes because of the current mortgage scandals? How many people didn't read and understand their contracts before signing them?

I really have no sympathy for people who don't read the fine print, understand fully what they are signing, and then whine about it when it doesn't go the way they want it too.

If people took the time to read the contract before signing it and didn't sign bad contracts in the first place, then fewer schools would offer them.

A good instructor will provide adequate exit clauses, injury, moving, etc, or let the person get out of the contract if they ask, but legally, they really don't have to. You signed it, you agreed to it, it's your responsibility to honor it.