I agree. It doesn't list the behavior of the student, so CXT's suggestions would be pretty good. I would love to see the instructor's reaction.

The money they're charging is extreme. And it's not located in a large city like New York. It's population probably doesn't exceed 40,000 at most. It makes me think that when the day comes for me to have my own school, I would never want to use contracts. That's a good ways off, but I certainly would love to teach once I'm out of college and have secured a job and such. Contracts just don't seem like a fair way to get students. It ties them down and forces them to stay and pay. I think a teacher should want to teach first and foremost. Using a contract makes it seem like you think of money first. Just my Opinion. I'll post an update it anything happens.


joke of the day
A guy walks into a Judo school to take Judo lessons, but he lost his left arm in an accident.
He asks the teacher if it's possible for him to still learn judo with just one arm. The teacher
looks him over and then smiles. He says, yes, I can teach you. He shows the man one move
and tells him to practice for the rest of class. The next class, the young man expects to learn
something new, but the teacher tells him to practice the move he learned the last class. This
happens for the next few classes and the young man starts getting frustrated until one day
when the teacher walks in and tells him that he will compete in a competition the following
week. The young man says "That's impossible! I've only learned one move." The teacher
smiles and tells him "you'll do fine" The next week, the young man enters the competition
and to his surprise, wins his first match with ease. And the second. He goes all the way
to win the finals. At the end, he goes up to his instructor and says: "How did I win, when
I only know one move?" The Instuctor smiles and says to him, "That's because the only
counter to that move is to grab the opponent's left arm.