Man, I can't tell you how much a hate bullies and folks that take advantage of people.

If someone wanted to really make a stand.

Check the contract about EXACTLY what the school was supposed to PROVIDE HER.

The EXACT wording.

Then show up at each and every class and take your legally binding spot on the mat wearing a sign that says "Master "X" is ripping me off on my contract--ask me how."

Or 'Im going broke paying for my lessons and Master X won't help me."

Or "Don't sign a contract with Master X"

And show up to each and every class that your contractually entitled to attend--for as long as your contract allows.

My bet is that the contract does NOT spell out what a student can wear in class--nor that she actually has to work out.

Maybe she can just sit down in the middle of the dojang and refuse to participate--contract entitles you to training--probabaly does not say YOU MUST ACTUALLY TRAIN.

When asked why--there is no reason that she can't tell people the EXACT facts of the matter--that she her family is financially strapped, that she can no longer afford a "hobby" like MA and that the no one is helpling her get out of her contract.

Another tactic would be to just suck up all the class time in asking for help---the contract entitles you to training SO DEMAND IT--each and every class that is taught--monoplize the teaching time.
You have a contract that entitles you to training----so demand you get what you are paying for.

Interrupt the teachers, make them focus on you all the time.

Refuse to do punishment drills----contract does not say you HAVE TO.

Talk back to the teacher--contract does not say you must obey.

Refuse to spar--give what ever reason you like-- but do NOT give up your place on the mat---you have a contract that promises you training--ask to be taught something else while the others spar.

Be as disruptive as possible--but resonably so--each and everything you do and ask MUST be resonable within the terms of the contract.

If other students get upset--just tell then that you have a contract--you paid good money for it and your going to get what you paid for.

If they take the hint and start getting as demanding as your being--so much the better.

Refuse to wear the school uniform--chances are the contract does not spell out exactly what a student is allowed to wear.
The teacher can SAY anything they want--if its not detailed in the contract--then its not binding.

When they get upset, loudly and publically remind then that YOUR the customer here, you have a contract and you will wear whatever you feel like wearing.

Wear shorts and t-shirt to class--when the other students say something/ask tell them that they can do it to.

Show up wearing a uniform with the contact phone number and name of another school--again, if its not spelled out in the contract then you can put anything you want on your uniform.

Wear sneakers on the mat--again, if the contract does not specfically forbide it--then you should be able to wear what you want--DON"T hurt the mat/surface.

Dye your uniform pink, or bright red or purple, again, if its not speeled out in the contract--then you probably don't have to do it.

Wear your earphones to class--unless the contract expressly forbides it---you have a right to listen to music as long as no-one else has to listen to it.

College students have usually have lots of extra time.
Make the dojo a "home away from home" hang out their anytime its open---use its washroom, study there, hang out in the lounge and talk to perspective clients.

Make a habit of introdicting yourself to anyone that you don't know at the school, parents, "drop bys" whatever--tell THEM your contract problems--no law says you can't tell people the factual truth about the problems your having.

(double check the contract itself--might be a non-disclosure clause in it--doubtful--but be sure.)

Are you allowed to bring a "guest" to the classes??
Most schools allow it.
College campus are usually crawling with guys--BIG GUYS, some whom might have training before--or might play a contact sport.
Take one of them to the class---EVERY CHANCE YOU GET--and have them be loud and obnoxious and throw their weight around with whomever they are working out with.
DON"T HURT ANYONE--just be the "teachers nightmare" for as long as the class lasts.

If the teacher says you can no longer bring a "guest" then make sure that NOBODY else can either--a rule applied JUST TO YOU is unfair and probably is a breach of the contract.

How are the facilities--rest room spotless? Locker room spotless?
If they are NOT lodge an offcial complaint.
Most cities have specific codes about restrooms etc--if the teacher is NOT in complience with the code--then its your duty as a citizen to report them.

Many cities have regulations as that a sports teachers must have CPR etc training--does yours--and is the teacher in complience?? Find out.

Show up late--demand to be taught--contract proabably does not expressly state that you must be on time to be taught.
Make the teacher play "catch up" with you.

Leave when it suits up and when asked, very publically remind the teacher that YOUR THE CUSTOMER HERE AND YOU HAVE A CONTRACT and that "you'll leave whenever you feel like it."

Have people call your cell while your in class, stop whatever your doing to answer it--have long conversations--if the contract does not specfcially forbide you to answer your cell--then AGAIN publically remind the teacher that "your the customer, you have a contract and you'll talk to whomever you feel like when ever you feel like."

Again, be a pain in the rear about it--but DON"T get make the phone calls disruptive to other students---just the teacher.

Refuse to call the teacher "master" or whatever term is being used.

Chances are pretty good that the cotract does not specifically spell out exactly how the teacher is to be addressed.

Call them by their first name whenever possible--all the time.

When you ask a question say "Hey Bob, how do I do "X" again?"

When they get upset and correct you--just tell then loudly that your the customer, that you are paying good money to be here and you have a contract--you'll refer to them as you like.

On that note--be as condesending and authortative as you can---loufly remind them that in effect THEY WORK FOR YOU and you'll speak to the "hired help" any way you like.
Remind them that you have contract for training.
Be as abrupt and demanding as nitpicky as you want.

Be open about it--THEY WORK FOR YOU--act like it--order them about, you tell THEM what you feel like doing, how you want things done.

Bottom line is that if your stuck--so is the owner.

If they won't be resonable about the contract---then make sure that your going to HOLD THEM TO IT.

Make sure that they understand what the next several years are going to like for them.

Overly demanding customers are the bain of a busniness.

If they refuse to be resonable---then DEMAND your contractual rights.

Heck, depending on the classes she is takeing, might get one hell of term paper out of it.

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I did battle with ignorance today.......and ignorance won. Huey.