Thanks for all of the replies. I'll pass on all the information to her. I don't know all of the
information about the situation, but here's what I do know. She's 22 and living in eastern AR. She's a
college student at the moment. I believe she's been at this place for a few months, but now she
can't afford to pay for it and school. She didn't seem to have a problem with the instruction.
Her issue is just the fact that she can't afford it. Her family isn't having the best of luck
financially and she has to pay for everything for herself, so she needs all of the money she can
get. I think she tried to explain that to the instructor but from what I gather, he still wouldn't
let her out of the contract. I don't know the exact situation about signing the contract, but I'll
ask her when I pass the information on. Thanks again for the posts.