That is a real problem.

In many cases--CHECK TO MAKE SURE THAT IT APPLIES IN THIS CASE--contract like that are actually oftenn sold to a 3td party that buys the paper for a percentage of the total amount.

The teacher gets a piece and no longer has to jack around with actually billing or dealing with non-paying students.

Problem is that the money "owed" is now owed to a 3td party.

If the contract is binding--then they can trash your credit, harrass you (to an extent) and otherwise make life hader than it needs to be.

I'd have them look at the contract itself--with a fine toothed comb.
See if their are any ways to canceal the contract--few contracts care so iron clad that they accept no alteration of services over that length of time---esp for a "hobby" like martial arts.

You could also google "how to get out of contracts" sometimes you can find some pretty good ideas.

Also check the relevent laws with the Better Business Dept in your area--sometimes they can really help.

Often its worth MORE to a teacher/school NOT to have people from the BBB crawling up their nether regions with a microscope then the contract is worth.

The lost business from bad press alone can cripple a school--esp if there are other schools in the area.

(Also why its often a bad idea from the OWNERS standpoint sell contracts to a 3td party---having someone effectively doing PR related stuff for your school that you have no control over should scare people to death)

How old is the person?

Was there any "pressure" put in them to sign the long term contract?

Were promises made that the contract does not reflect?

(the last probabaly won't really help--but if people are "saying" one thing in order to get people to sign then the contract DOES NOT reflect that---that could be actionable.
Might not effect the contract itself--but it could really effect the owner.)

Have there been changes at the school whcih have effected the quality of the instructuion?

Has there been a change in teaching staff--which could lead to downgrade of quality?

Have there been a change in the students?
If your the only adult in the "adult" class that might matter.

Again, go back to the exact wording of the contract--somtimes it helps.

Like I said, tough spot to be in.

Check what the relevent laws might be in your area.

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