I talked with a friend of mine today and she told me that she had signed up for a TKD school,
but unfortunately she couldn't afford to stay with it for now. She unfortunately had signed a 3
year contract with this school when she started. Right now, money is on fairly short supply and
she's tried to talk to the teacher to explain her situation to get out of the contract. That apparently
didn't work. To me, a 3 year contract as soon as you start seems a bit unethical. I don't like the
whole contracts thing in general, but 3 years!? Anyone have any thoughts on this or perhaps a
suggestion on a course of action to take to help her get out of this situation? I personally think
that since she signed the contract, it won't be a simple matter to get out of, regardless of how
unethical the thing seems. I'm sure many of us would spot the contract as a big sign to get away
from this place, but unfortunately the average person doesn't usually understand the danger signs.
It's a shame that some good people who would probably stay in the arts for years can have their
martial arts experience destroyed by the shackles of some of these contracts.